#CruiseChat is the only Twitter chat dedicated to the fun and exciting world of cruise vacations. Each and every Tuesday at 2 pm ET, cruise lovers from the US and around the world gather on Twitter for an hour of informative travel talk. Each week brings a new topic and engaging, thought-provoking questions are asked and answered. Online since September 2010, #CruiseChat gives away a prize to one lucky participant every week, with gift cards, magazine subscriptions, cruises, luggage and more up for grabs. We’ve given away more than $12,000 in prizes!

Who participates in #CruiseChat?

Every week, scores of experienced cruise lovers, travelers who want to learn more about cruising, travel agents, travel industry experts and cruise lines connect at #CruiseChat and join the conversation on Twitter.  It’s not uncommon to even find cruise industry executives joining #CruiseChat: it’s considered ‘appointment tweeting’ for anyone and everyone who is social-savvy in the cruise industry.

Who Sponsors #CruiseChat?

We’re proud to count many major cruise lines, travel agencies and other well-known names in the travel industry among the roster of #CruiseChat sponsors. Click here to view our sponsors and learn more about #CruiseChat sponsorship opportunities.

Who Hosts #CruiseChat?

#CruiseChat is hosted and operated by Simon from Cruiseline.com with help from our mascot, the beloved Captain Birdie.

Simon Duvall

Simon Duvall

Editorial Director & Co-Host

With over 15 years in the travel industry and more than 10 years focused exclusively on marketing cruises and helping travelers find the perfect cruise vacation, Simon is #CruiseChat’s Editorial Director and resident cruise-guru. Simon picks the weekly #CruiseChat topics and works with the #CruiseChat team and sponsors to research and write the questions. In addition to his #CruiseChat duties, Simon is the Community Manager at Cruiseline.com, a  cruise community site offering verified cruise reviews,  and he serves as a social media and marketing consultant for several companies in the cruise and travel space and is a regular contributor to Cruise Radio. Simon was born a “cheesehead” in Wisconsin but moved to Florida, the Cruise Capital of the World, as a teen. An award-winning high school and college journalist, Simon tried stints in the furniture, credit card and hospitality industries, but finally found his home in travel and hasn’t looked back. When he’s not #CruiseChat-ing or reading cruise reviews, you’ll likely find Simon in one of Orlando’s theme parks, using a discount coupon at a buffet in Las Vegas, shopping at an Apple store, or, naturally, on a cruise ship! You can reach Simon at simon@simontravels.net

Captain Thaddeus J. Birdie II

Captain Thaddeus J. Birdie II

Mascot & Director of Chat Operations

Captain Birdie comes to #CruiseChat from a long line of sea-going birds, with his family involved in the maritime industry for at least 12 generations. But the Birdie family also has a recent Hollywood streak, with a number of the Captain’s cousins taking advantage of the growing demand for blue birds by modeling on Twitter buttons & icons, and in comics & other media. Captain Birdie is a fully certified Master, licensed to operate cruise and cargo ships up to 80,000 GRT. But the call of #CruiseChat was strong enough to pull the Captain in from the sea, and in a bit of a meteoric rise, Captain Birdie was been promoted from Mascot to Spokesbird to full-fledged #CruiseChat co-host in less than a year. In July 2013, Captain Birdie assumed the title Director of Chat Operations and further expanded his chat-related duties. #CruiseChat participants have come to rely on the Captain for his sense of humor and a steady stream of useful facts and links each week. When he’s done with his #CruiseChat responsibilities, you’ll find Captain Birdie eating bird seed and making a mess of his cage, in the crow’s nest on one of his favorite cruise ships, or cavorting with the yellow ladies in his favorite vacation spot, the Canary Islands. You can reach the Captain at info@cruisechatlive.com